Clarkston gravel hauler crash now a criminal investigation some call 'duct tape cover-up'

Posted at 6:21 PM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 18:21:07-04

We have new information into the crash of a gravel train truck into a dentist’s office in Clarkston. 

The truck hit two cars before crashing on Friday afternoon. Nobody was seriously injured, but the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office now tells 7 Action News that a ticket that was issued to the driver for running a red light has been recalled and this investigation is wide open.

Some are calling this the duct tape cover up because the owner of the truck, Mike Reis, came to the scene, crossed the yellow tape and was ordered back. 

Also pictures from the scene show the name of his company on the side of the truck was visible, then covered up with duct tape when it was towed away.

Reis had this exchange with 7 Investigator Jim Kiertzner:

Reis: The tow truck company covered up the name on the side of the truck.

Kiertzner: At your request?

Reis: Ah yeah, it was just to um, well, they had actually asked me if the, the, if I wanted them to and what it was, was out of respect to our company. 

Kiertzner: Some people are calling this the duct tape cover up?

Reis: People can call it what it is.  You know what it is, it is a basic accident. 

The Sheriff’s Office also tells 7 Action News, the truck driver was given a breath test on scene that came back zero for alcohol. 

The driver had to be pulled from the wreckage. That took almost an hour. 

He had a minor head injury and refused to go to the hospital. 

The Sheriff says they did get a medical report that says the driver was taken to a medical clinic and he had a urine screen done that was negative for any narcotics, part of Federal DOT requirements.

The Sheriff also says the truck and trailers had current safety certificates. The gravel train was hauling fill dirt - about one third full - and mechanical issues do not seem to be a factor. 

The truck was northbound on M-15 and some witnesses say it was speeding. The speed limit drops to 30 from 40 miles an hour at the crash site. 

Mike Reis also said to Kiertzner:

Reis: What I was told was, when he came into the intersection, that a car turned in front of him.  So he veered left to avoid it.  Which would have put him in the oncoming lane.

Kiertzner: Was he speeding?

Reis: Not to my knowledge.

The Sheriff’s office will take their findings to the Prosecutor and this could become a case of Reckless Driving, a crime.