Metro Detroit man honors twin brother with Spanitz Brothers sausage

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 17:38:48-04

A metro Detroit man suffered a tremendous loss, after the tragic and sudden drowning death of his twin brother.

Forty-four-year-old Pete Spanitz decided to honor his brother’s memory by helping others and finishing something special that they started together.  

"Looking back and thinking of how close we were and how important of a person he was to me and, I’m sure I was to him, I loved it. I couldn’t image not being a twin, let alone not being a twin to Paul, it was perfect,” says Pete.

It was July 30th, 2011, when half of Pete’s soul vanished. The brothers were out on their boat and a raft had gotten away from their vessel. 

Paul drove in after it and not long after, they knew he was in trouble. Pete and others performed CPR trying to save him, but Paul didn’t make it.

“Worst day of my life, nothing worse could happen than that, losing your twin brother, just short of our 38th birthday,” says Pete sadly. 

They lived so much of their lives together. It is a void that can not be replaced.

“There were two things that we did as adults on a regular basis, and that is go on our boat and make sausage,” Pete tells7  Action News.

So the two became even more of a team and started Spanitz Brothers Sausage Company.

“This is something he and I always wanted to take to the next level,” according to Pete. 

Keeping the mission alive, with Paul in his heart every step of the way, is exactly what he did. it will forever be in honor of their bond, their love and Paul’s legacy.

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