One of the oldest restaurants in Pontiac is feeding stomachs and souls

One Of The Oldest Restaurants in Pontiac

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - One of the oldest restaurants in Pontiac has lots of people talking, because of a photo posted on Facebook of the eateries front windows. 

So, I showed up at dinner time to see what the talk is all about.

No one expects to sit down at a restaurant and get something for nothing. However, Rocket Restaurant in Pontiac is different.  

Sure, you pay for what’s on the menu, but the message you leave with when you walk out the door is free.

Martin Kalaj has run the family business for more than 20 of his 46 years on Earth.

He believes his restaurant has been a rock, a foundation for the fold of Pontiac.

That's why he's surrounded his building with messages of hope and faith - inside and out. 

They're painted by his dear friend Tonya and they have people talking.

For Martin that's mission accomplished.

"I want the remember Christ and not an Easter Bunny, you now chasing eggs somewhere, I want the children to know the true story of the sacrifice," he says.

It's something he does every Easter and Christmas and something he hopes provokes a conversation about the reason for the season.

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