Police search for 2 suspects in theft of $2,000 of cigarettes from gas station

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 18:07:03-04

When you hear about thieves stealing from gas station convenience stores, it’s usually money.

But when a woman and man walked into a store in Milford, they walked away with something else. The two suspects casually walk into the Speedway on Milford Road and they walk out with more then $2,000 worth of cigarettes.

Police believe it may not have been the first time the duo has done this.

Milford Police Det. Brent Murray said, “You can see him loading cigarettes in a bag.”

With a trash bag in hand, the man grabs 29 cigarette cartons as quickly as possible.

How is he behind the register with no clerk? Well this woman, police say, distracted the clerk. She asked her to come from behind the counter to help her on the other side of the store.

This happened three weeks ago at the Speedway in Milford in the overnight hours, which means less customers and employees.

When the duo walk in, the man went to the bathroom while the woman asked the clerk questions.

“At that point the male came out of the bathroom and started filling up garbage bag, it looks like, with cartons of cigarettes.”

More than $2,000 worth of cigarettes , according to police. The two quickly left and hopped into a maroon colored SUV.

Police believe they have done this before at stores in other cities in Metro Detroit. They tell us they could be part of a bigger ring.

As for the cigarettes, police have a theory behind the motive.

“These are probably getting sold down to Detroit to party stores.”

If you recognize the suspect’s, call Milford Police.