Stories of Hope: Man uses magic to inspire others to live

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 18:12:03-04

Anthony Grupido is using a dark time in his life to inspire others to live, and he’s telling people his story through magic.

It’s hard to imagine the 22-year-old that brings so many smiles was once very depressed. He says it all started when he was in elementary school.

“In fifth grade I got bullied so bad that I had to move schools,” said Grupido.

His depression escalated in high school when his dreams of making it to collagen a wrestling scholarship was shattered.

“My opponent took me straight back and I hit my head and tore both my rotator cuffs and damaged my head pretty bad,” said Grupido.

Doctors told him he could never wrestle again.

“All that got taken away for me in just a matter of seconds,” said Grupido.

After three suicide attempts, Grupido channeled a different passion in his life, magic.

“I can’t tell you when or what clicked in my head that you know I would use magic to help people but I knew that I had a talent, and I knew that I wanted to help people,” said Grupido.

Grupido now goes to schools and speaks at public events. Helping to inspire others to get past bullying and depression.

To learn more about Grupido, visit his website as