Metro Detroit mother of two says flooding, mold taking over apartment

Posted at 6:36 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 18:36:57-04

Fans drying out flooded carpets, buckets collecting rainwater. Alexis Gunter said that's her new normal.

"They collected so much water that I had to dump them at least twice," said the mother of two. 

Gunter showed 7 Action News video from just days ago, when the floor of her childrens’ bedroom was completely drenched with water.  

But this, she says, was simply the latest in a series of floods plaguing an apartment she moved into less than two months ago…

Maintenance, she says, did come out to try and fix the issue butt when that didn’t work, says said she was told the problem had been solved. 

"If that’s the case why is it still raining in my living room. Why is my childrens' room flooded with water?" said Gunter. 

Worrying her even more is what could be growing in the walls as a result. 

Gunter pointed to what she believes may be toxic black mold. She said she asked the building to test it to find out but instead said they wiped it off with bleach for a quick fix. 

Gunter said it’s making her sick: "I've been catching extremely bad headaches."

Elite property management, which oversees her unit, agreed to put her in a hotel for two nights but hadn’t, she said, offered a  more permanent solution. 

So 7 Action News got on the case, starting with management. Initially, they said, they had no comment. 

7 Action News also paid a visit to the City of Wayne which promised to send an inspector within 24 hours. 

Later, in a statement, Elite Property Management responded saying:

“the comfort and safety of the tenants is our first priority. We have housed the tenants at no cost to them and will continue to do so as long as is necessary...We will ensure the premises are safe for the tenants before they return”


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