Plymouth neighbors offended by signs in anti-Catholic lawn display

Posted at 5:47 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 17:47:26-04

A man’s front lawn display is creating controversy in a Plymouth neighborhood.

There are more than a dozen signs in front of Jim Cischke’s front lawn on Joy Street in Plymouth.  They take up most of the yard.

One reads, “the pope the man of sin the son of perdition,” another reads “penalty for worshipping on the 7th day=death.” 

To be clear, Cischke is Christian, but he is against Catholicism.

"I'm giving the gospel, the end of the world is drawing near,” said Cischke.

He said he’s doing his Christian duty by spreading the word.

"If I have knowledge of a truth and I see you everyday and I don't inform you and you die in your sins, your blood is on my head,” said Cischke.

His signs are not making many neighbors happy, the issue was brought before the Plymouth City Council on Monday. Many angry neighbors spoke out.

In the neighborhood on Wednesday, Jason Artman said the signs are not wanted.

"They're a little tacky, a little over the top,” said Artman. "We don't have signs in our lawn, most people don't, I'd rather not see the signs."

Cischke said he’s not breaking any laws and freedom of speech is an important right he fought to protect.

"It's about freedom, freedom of speech, I'm legal, the city says I can have as many signs as you want,” said Cischke. 

Cischke’s immediate next door neighbor, Don Clark, is working to take an even approach to it.

"We're trying to balance a person's right to free speech and rights to religion against some more practical considerations like if you're trying to sell a house, does this hurt your property value?” said Clark.

Plymouth city leaders said they are listening to resident’s concerns. Mayor Oliver Wolcott said the city is reviewing the ordinance but will not be rushing to make any changes, since the issue is very complex.

"If you like freedom, then you're going to have to put up with freedom,” said Cischke.