Registered nurse helps 8 month pregnant woman injured in head on wreck

Posted at 10:39 PM, Apr 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-26 05:31:21-04

Two strangers' lives are now forever entwined after an off duty nurse, on her way to work, rescued a mother-to-be after she crashed head on with another vehicle.

The accident happened Tuesday at the intersection of Van Horn and Allen Road.

The mother-to-be hit an oncoming car. She was trapped in her car, when the nurse saw what happened and her instincts took over.

The two women were reunited Wednesday.

"I feel really special and she did stop to help," says Bridgette Roman. "I heard someone banging at my door, telling me to open my door and I couldn’t get the door open, so she ran over to the passenger side and started ripping the door open for me and helped me get out the car."

"I was right behind the other person and I saw them crash and I immediately went to her," says registered nurse Dawn Peshinski.

Roman, who is 8 months pregnant, suffered a severely bruised hip and can't bend one of her knees.

"I somehow managed, when I was in the accident, to slide down so that my knees hit the bottom of the car, that’s why my knees are a little bent, so that it didn’t hit my stomach," she says.

Roman reached out on social media to find the person who helped her.

"When I saw that she reached out on Facebook I was so ecstatic," says Peshinski.

The two women say it's a day they'll never forget.

"I would really think it would be anything a decent human being would do," says Peshinski.

"I didn’t think that would ever happen to me, but I’m really thankful for her being able to help me," says Roman.

Roman also says that, while she is bruised and having a hard time walking, she is grateful Peshinski was in the right place at the right time.