Shelby Township police show off their singing chops with Carpool Karaoke

Posted at 3:08 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-14 15:28:30-04

As promised, Shelby Township Police delivered their social media following a small gem: police car karaoke, episode 1. 

In the 10-minute video, Officers Jake Lucas and Leslie Heisler show off their vocal range and musical styles ranging from rap to rock. 

The caption of the video reads: "We promised #PoliceCarKaraoke at 5000 Twitter followers. We didn't promise it would be good." 

Judge for yourself...

The police department promised to deliver a karaoke video if they reached their goal of 5,000 Twitter followers. They had 1,000 when they started. 

Officer Lukas said, “People will think you’re human just like them and you have a sense of humor, you like to laugh, you have family.”

“We need that relationship because it’s only with the relationship we can build that trust,” added Officer Heisler.

They want to increase their social media presence to strengthen community engagement.

“We think we are pretty funny people because you have to have a sense of humor with this job,” Heisler said.

The police department’s Twitter handle is @ShelbyTwp911