Soap Opera star and Michigan resident brings awareness to pediatric cancer

Posted at 5:15 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 18:00:15-04

He’s an actor you might have seen on General Hospital. The soap opera airs on WXYZ at 2 p.m.

Drew Cheetwood travels back and forth between Los Angeles and his home in Downriver.

He is a husband, father to three little girls and a real estate agent.

“I’d guess I’d be most known for General Hospital,” Cheetwood said.

The Ohio-born soap actor spent many years living in Los Angeles, but he loves it here in Michigan.

“Downriver community reminds me a lot of where I grew up in Bowling Green," he said. "I like the small town feel.”

Early in his acting career, he got involved with the Desi Geestman Foundation. The organization raises money for families dealing with pediatric cancer. The money is used towards rent, gas, utilities and other bills.

“Paying for a house, you got to think about paying for groceries," Cheetwood said. "It’s a weight off.”

He met his wife, Jenna, at a charity event.

She supports it because her brother Angelo died at the age of 13 back in 1989. He had a rare form of bone cancer. 

Drew raises fund through basketball games, T-shirts and making a donation every time he closes on a home.

“I’m always trying to find a new way to get that money to them,” he said. 

The family moved to Michigan three years ago and Drew travels back and forth for his role. His character, Milo Giambetti, is a bodyguard for a mobster and is also a stripper.

Cheetwood's most recent scene was incredibly heavy with his co-star that plays a mob boss.

He says he’s blessed to be in a position to make a difference and hopes to inspire others.

“Find ways to help people,” Cheetwood said. 

To donate to the Desi Geestman Foundation, go to