Isolated 'Shamrock Hunts' bring communities together during uncertain times

Handmade shamrocks tie isolated neighbors together
Posted: 12:23 PM, Mar 17, 2020
Updated: 2020-03-17 17:51:35-04

(WXYZ) — Social distancing, and quarantines can also be fun. Parents in neighborhoods across the state have created Facebook groups to encourage community during these uncertain, and isolated times. The biggest trend? Shamrock Hunts.

With a Shamrock Hunt, neighbors are encouraged to create and shamrocks and post them in their front windows — a fun sight for an antsy-home-bound kid to discover on a (social-distanced) walk around the neighborhood.

"Everybody thought that was a good idea, a lot of people are getting involved in that," said Kymm Clark, a Madison Heights citycouncil woman, who is helped to spearhead her neighborhoods "hunt."

Clark's seven-year-old daughter Hazel created two shamrocks that they hung in the window. Clark also plans to take some photos of them to post online.

"I wanted to really emphasize social distancing," she said, explaining that for those not wanting to take walks, there is still a way to be connected to neighbors online. "We can make sure that we are practicing, consciously, extreme social distancing and making sure that we mitigate as much human-human contact as possible."

Clark hopes that the initiative will bring some cheer to the hundreds of kids in her community who are home from school — but also foster closeness among the adults too.

"It’s important to keep the community engaged," she said. "I think that in a time like this that’s as stressful as it is, we want to make sure that everybody feels like there is a safety net, because it feels like it’s being pulled out from underneath all of us."

Check out some of the digital shamrocks below!