Survey: 61 percent of Michigan residents support marijuana legalization

Posted at 1:23 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 14:29:22-04

A survey released by Michigan State University's Institute for Public Policy and Research released findings that showed a strong support for the legalization of marijuana.

The State of the State Survey revealed that many voters are still undecided on gubernatorial candidates, but feel strongly about marijuana legalization and ending gerrymandering of legislative district lines.

Thirty-four percent opposed marijuana legalization, with only 5 percent remaining undecided.

“Marijuana legalization is the only issue with fewer than 15 percent undecided. Since the marijuana initiative has a large lead with relatively few undecideds, it appears likely that it will pass,” said MSU economics professor Charles Ballard, the director of SOSS.

The support for legalization, however, is massively different among different age groups. Only 30 percent of Michiganders aged 65 and older were in favor, with 62 percent support among those aged 30 to 64 and 80 percent support from those under the age of 30.

Another key "anti-gerrymandering" ballot initiative would create a commission made up of four Democrats, four Republicans and five independents, with 53 percent of respondents supporting the initaitive.