This is what happens when you audition for America Idol

Posted: 5:30 AM, Mar 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-12 09:30:26Z
11 years ago, 7 Action News Reporter Nia Harden and her brother, Dazhinar Watson, auditioned for American Idol in Salt Lake City.
They decided to talk about what the process was like for them.
The day before you audition you have to go register. Nia says that's the easy part. On audition day, expect to get there before sunrise and prepare to be there all day.
"It was ridiculous. I never thought we were going to make it that day in the line," Dazhinar said.
People were wearing crazy costumes at the first audition have to wear them through all of the audition rounds.
"I saw everything from unicycles to clowns."
You might see a celebrity like Ryan Seacrest, but the judges are not there for the first few rounds, just producers.
"What hurts the most is with anything in life you want a definitive reason. You just want to know were your notes off key, you kind of want what you get on TV, but they're just like 'you're just not what we're looking for,'" he said.
Nia says if you make it, great, but don't be afraid to try again next year if you don't.