Thousands of Detroit water customers at risk of having their water shut off

Posted at 6:23 AM, May 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 06:23:59-04

Thousands of Detroit water customers are at risk of having their water turned off on Tuesday. Residents who haven't been paying their bill may have it shut off quickly, but there's still time to call and get on a program.

As of late March, nearly 20,000 customers were behind on payments. Two years ago, the city had 23,000 behind.

Last month, protestors gathered at the Water and Sewerage Department's west side service center, speaking against the shutoffs expected to happen Tuesday.

While a lot of customers are behind, they don't expect the entire 20,000 to be shut off. The city estimates the shutoffs will likely affect about 2,000 people because many get on a payment plan.

Gary Brown, the director of the DWSD, says in many cases people with extremely high bills are dealing with leaky pipes. He says that's another reason why you should call the department.

"People that have abnormally high bills will never get caught up if they're below the poverty line. So let us come in, and on our dime, up to $1,000, we will come in with our plumbers and fix their leaks," he said.

You can visit the city's website if you want more information about paying your bill.