Tow driver arrested; bought car insurance, pizza with accident victim's bank card

Posted: 8:43 PM, Apr 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-24 01:14:23Z

Police have arrested a tow truck driver who stole the bank card of an Erie, Pennsylvania woman whose car he towed following a roll over accident. 

Joel Leys, 31, was arrested from Belleville. 

The accident happened in May 2017 in Romulus, and the victim died days after the crash. However, purchases were still made on her bank account, according to Michigan State Police. 

Police who uncovered the identity theft scheme, say the woman was in a coma following the accident and then later died from her injuries. After her death, Leys took advantage of the situation by stealing her bank card, which was found inside of her purse and was left inside of the woman's vehicle.

The suspect allegedly bought car insurance, along with tickets to the Michigan International Speedway. But what ultimately led police to locating the suspect was a pizza purchase. 

The suspect ordered pizza on the victims bank card and had it delivered to his home.

Police were able to track down Leys, who now faces two felony charges for illegal use of a credit card.

Coincidentally, the tow service Leys worked for is also the company used by Michigan State Police. 

Lt. Mike Shaw says he doesn't want to paint a bad picture of the entire tow company based on the actions of one employee. But he added that MSP may re-evaluate their relationship with the tow company when their contract is up.