Venue problem leaves bride-to-be living a nightmare just days before wedding

Posted at 10:18 PM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 15:36:11-04

A bride-to-be is living a real live nightmare after she was told her wedding venue couldn't accommodate all her guests and her guest list would have to be cut in half. 

Now, she’s scrambling looking for answers after signing the contract.

Alicia Bratton has been planning her wedding for the past two years.

"I had May 19th before the Royals had May 19th," said Alicia Bratton.

It’s supposed to be every woman’s dream day.

"It’s not an option to call off 39 members of our friends and family and say 'I’m sorry you didn’t make the cut'," said Bratton.

Alicia's dream is more like a nightmare.

"Our venue is going through some trouble and that we probably will not be able to have our wedding there because we’re only allowed to have 99 people and we have RSVPs for 139 people," said Bratton.

Vale Royal Barn in Fenton made a few additions to the barn and they’ve hit a minor snag. 

"We’re trying to work with the agencies involved. We’ve considered fire watch. We’re working with the township, we’re working with the building department to try and find a resolution so that her wedding can continue," said Valeria, owner of the venue.

The issue is with a new building added onto the existing barn.  

"The township came down on our venue, and said she needs to install a new fire suppression system, and until that is installed and inspected only 99 people are allowed in the barn," said Bratton.

Alicia says she signed the contract stating their would be 150 people at the wedding. Another issue - she won’t be able to get her money back. 

"Everything is booked, we’re 18 days out and our vendors, a lot of them, aren’t willing to go to another venue," said Bratton.

Alicia has guests flying in from out of state. She says she doesn’t know what to do to escape this  nightmare.

We’re getting married on that day no matter what. It just wouldn’t be on that scale. We’d have to call everything off and just go to the courthouse or something," said Bratton.

We made a call to the Livingston County building department for comment, they have not returned our call.