Winterizing your home: What you need to do to protect your greatest asset

Posted at 10:08 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-17 14:33:32-04

With temperatures near freezing in metro Detroit, it's a good time to think about winterizing your home to protect it and ensure your family stays safe. 7 Action News spoke with home improvement expert Adam Helfman of Hire It Done about what you need to remember.

Here's his 12-Point Maintenance Checklist. 

Caulk Is Cheap

Seal cracks around windows and doors.

Who Needs an Audit?  You Do.

A heat loss audit of infrared thermography will show you exactly where your heat escapes. 

Get Your Ducts In A Row!

Have vents and ductwork cleaned –-the air outside your home is actually cleaner than the air inside.

Gutter Reaction

Clogged gutters and downspouts create ire dams that can wreck a roof.  Fallen leaves turn to sludge after awhile.

Stay On Top

The first sign of a leaky roof is a loss of money!  Have it inspected before winter and you’ll sleep easier.

Pipe Lines

Consider insulating pipe or “blankets“.  Pipes exposed to brutal cold and be sure to turn off all spigots before the first freeze.  Let a good plumber check your whole system. It’s best to be preventative when it comes to water problems.

The Heat Is On So Get With The Program

An annual furnace check up is a must.  Change air filters and if you can, have a programmable thermostat installed.  It’s more efficient and will keep you comfortable when you need it. 

Clean Sweep

Check for bird nests and other elements in your chimney.  Impediments like that can cause Carbon Monoxide to back up into your home. 

Smoke Screen

Change the battery in all smoke detectors and if you don’t have a Carbon Monoxide monitor, think about getting one.

You’re Grounded!

Dead branches gotta go.  They do nothing for appearance and they can cause problems in a number of ways.  Also, clean and store garden tools and get all snow blowers and shovels ready to go. 

Air Supply

Close your air conditioner and clean up the outside of it.  Prune back bushes and give it room to breathe.

Walk The Walk

Check your driveway, steps and while you’re at it, walk the whole property for a general inspection.  A few easy steps will prevent you from taking a dramatic one at a later date.