Woman assaulted outside of Pontiac bar, says attacker still out there

Posted at 10:55 PM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 23:34:15-04

A woman who was assaulted outside of a Pontiac bar is hoping that by coming forward she will find the suspect responsible for her attack. 

Melissa Hale was taking a smoke break outside of Satch's Place, 82 Baldwin Ave, during the early morning hours of May 3. That's when she heard someone yell and then she felt someone grab her. 

"She grabbed me by the back of my hair and just pulled me down like the two steps and starting dragging me," Hale said. 

The violent pull fractured three bones in Hale's leg. 

She recalled an earlier altercation between two women at the bar where one woman Hale was speaking with got into a fight with another woman. That incident ended with one woman backing her car into the other woman, and the police were never called, Hale said. 

"When I went to go back into the bar," she said. "I heard the girl screaming... something like, 'hey (expletive), where are you going?' 

"I turn and I seen her and it was that girl from earlier," Hale said.

She believes she was assaulted by the woman who got into an altercation with another woman earlier in the day. 

Hale added that the woman who attacked her kept asking who the other woman was from earlier. 

The police were called after Hale was attacked, and she had to spend some time in the hospital following surgery. 

"I cant go home," Hale said. "Because I cant get up the stairs. I cant be by myself. I had to give my cat to my mom for now. I cant drive my car."

And the alleged victim said this all could have been avoided if police were called during the first altercation. 

"I think if the cops had been called in the first place, after a fight and then a deliberate hit and run, then no this wouldn't have happened to me," she said. 

Oakland County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident.