A One-On-One with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Unemployment, Emergency Declaration and more
1-on-1 with Gov. Whitmer for Sunday, April 26
Posted at 5:51 PM, Apr 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-26 19:54:45-04

For the first time since her stay home executive order extension, Governor Whitmer talked one-on-one with 7 Action News' Brian Abel.

With an emergency declaration set to expire on Thursday, we asked Governor Whitmer what she will do if Michigan's legislature doesn't vote for an extension.
"We've seen states of emergency declared for things like sinkholes that last for months," said Whitmer. "This, in the midst of a global pandemic, is an obvious moment where we need to be in a state of emergency"

7 Action News has been flooded with emails from viewers of stories about problems with unemployment benefits in the state. Some receiving "pending" notifications on the unemployment insurance agency's website, other's getting certified just to see weeks go by without a check.

"Until everyone's needs are met, their unemployment that they've earned, we will not stop working," said Whitmer, who acknowledged about 180,000 claimants have not received their benefits yet. Every penny that you've earned on unemployment will be sent to you."

"Outdoor construction is lower risk and we can anticipate that is an area that may be coming in the future waves," said Whitmer when asked about easing restrictions on certain sectors of business, including construction and medical services.

Governor Whitmer is also responding to Senator Dale Zorn's confederate-flag-patterned mask worn during Friday's session on the senate floor.
"I just think it's a distraction, a dangerous distraction," said Whitmer.

Governor Whitmer also gave some tips to the writers of Saturday Night Live, who spoofed her in a skit Saturday night, saying "I would just say that if I was writing the script, I would make sure that they had a great Michigan craft beer in it."
Cecily Strong was seen with a Labatt Blue bottle in the skit.