Best mama EVER!!! My Mama Jan Heyse is so devoted to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.She loves to lift people’s spirits at her home at Independence Village at Waterstone in Oxford too!Photo by:
Hollee Heyse Keel
My Angel Mom Deborah-♥️ She was the best mom ever, always giving and loving; never asking for anything in return. ♥️ Her purpose here on earth was fulfilled. Welcome to Heaven Mom. You’ll Never Be Forgotten. ♥️ Everything I am, I owe to my Mother in Heaven. ♥️Photo by: Skyler Rayne
My mom Edna who taught me love is forever, family first and give your all to what ever you doPhoto by:
Linda L Schmaltz
My mom is always putting her family before everything, including herself! She’s a great listener and always there when I need her!Photo by: Jamie Lynn
My mom Alice Collins she is suffering from dementia. This may be the last year she will recognize me and I’m not able to see her because of this virus. She was the mom that was always out playing with us kids, water fights with the hose or ice skating! She made most of my clothes growing up, there were times she would sew all night and I would have a new outfit to wear to school. Yes my mom is very special and l love her dearly ❤️Photo by:
Tammie Collins-White
This is my beautiful Mama Ann Gray. I was the only one of the 3 of us blessed with her good looks and Southern spunkPhoto by:
Brianne Gray
We did a girls wine tastings weekend to celebrate moms 80th last year.....wanted to do another this year but had to postpone due to the restrictions.....hoping to repeat this fallPhoto by:
Kristen Schroeder
My mother, Patricia Hughes and me. My mom raised 12 ( there is a set of triplets, also) children. She has sacrificed her entire life, always putting us first. She has always been a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Her and dad will be married 69 years in September. We are totally blessedPhoto by:
Laura Van Der Werken
This was my moms last mothers day with me and my kids she passed away of bone cancer she fought this battle for 3 years on June 24th 2019 she passed away gonna be my 1st mothers day without her this year 💔😢Photo by: Christine Hunter
My daughter Sarah and I. She's my only, my beautiful love, my partner in crime. This was Mother's Day 2015 🥰Photo by: Erika Solomon
Carol Burgis. She passed 9 years ago today, and we laid her to rest on Mother’s Day. She was one of the best people I knew. There was never a time she wouldn’t put you in your place if needed, but she loved fiercely. She was a strong woman who never had a mean bone in her body.Photo by: Sheri Moffat
95708408_10222823744727256_1806813237287583744_n (1).jpg
My mom Diane Sievert Ralls is an amazing Mom because through good times and bad, she has always continued to love her kids and grandkids with unconditional love ❤️Photo by:
Lori Moustafa
My son and me at YatesPhoto by:
Nicole Phillips
Cheri Sertage!! My mom just passed away April 8, 2020 after a 3.5 year battle with brain cancer-Glioblastoma! She is the strongest woman I have ever met and always put her family first! She fought this awful cancer so hard! I miss her so much especially not having here her to celebrate mother’s day!
Photo by:
Lauren Wahlie
My mom was born 4/8/45 passed 08/19\2019 in sleepShe was daughter , sister, mother to joe Doub, , sarah stewart, Lisa Doub grandmother to michael sean Kaylee connor Ryan she was nun, nurse loved to garden sense humorPhoto by:
Sarah Stewart
This is My Mom, she was diagnosed with Brain & Lung Cancer on 5-2-19, & lost her Battle on 1-12-20. 💔🕊 she was Beautiful & Loving, always put everyone else first! This will be my first Mother’s Day, without my Mom!🥺Photo by:
Kristin Marie Mihal
Me and mom misses Maggie Herring mom is in the nursing home she's been there for about 3 years and this is a special month because not only is a Mother's Day it's also mother's birthday which will be May 18th mom is over a 25 year cancer survivor and right now she is totally incapacitated and has dementia happy Mother's day and happy birthday Mom love youPhoto by: Barbara Miller
These are my two beautiful daughters who are amazing mothers.... Shout out to them, this is Katie’s fifth Mother’s Day and Ashlee’s first ❤️Photo by: Diane Beever
Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom Toni DeLeo. So many good memories and times we’ve shared! Love you mom!Photo by:
Bridgette Desira
My sister Erica, my mom Prudy and me. My mom is a beautiful person inside and out 💖Photo by:
Suzy Herbster-Durkee