Customers come together to help Milford business survive the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted at 6:22 PM, Dec 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 18:22:54-05

MILFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) — It is called the Comeback Inn. It is living up to its name big time.

In the small town of Milford, it has turned into a big fundraiser for the Baker family. This started out to raise a few thousand bucks. As of today, it is $48,000.

Chris Baker owns the Comeback Inn and tells 7 Action News, “I got a little pit in my stomach. I chose this business as a small business owner.”

Pictures from his loyal customers tell this story. Three Baker businesses are hugely popular.

Now today, they are closed and dying. Thousands of restaurants in Michigan won’t make it with COVID closings extending into the new year. There’s still no federal relief. The happy faces in the pictures are the ones behind the donations.

“It’s amazing. I’m at a loss of words for it. I have a hard time just myself looking at the list of donors,” Chris Baker continues.

Several people came to be part of this story saying what goes around comes around.

The Baker business started a generation ago with a success story to give back to the community. That includes Milford High School.

Varsity Cheerleading Coach Patti Warzecha says, “Sports is pretty much self-funded. So when we are needing equipment or uniforms, things like that, if I’m needing a donation or support.”

That’s one of the reasons behind the name Comeback inn.

Her husband is an Assistant Football Coach and adds, “It’s a business like this you know needs the backing of the community. His business is Bakers or especially Comeback, are staples.”

Sound like a good way to Rebound?

Can this be done where you live, eat, and drink?

Chris Baker says ye,s it can help “I look at this and the survival there’s thousands of communities across the state in the same boat. They look at their small communities and their small business and it goes hand in hand.”

Here’s the GoFundMe for the Bakers in Milford.