Metro Detroit restaurant owner offering help and hope

Posted at 5:29 PM, Mar 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-11 17:41:15-05

(WXYZ) — So many business owners are still in shock about what COVID-19 did to their dreams, their life’s work.

They’re also still worried about the present and what the future may hold.

Our Andrea Isom is in Southfield and Detroit to talk with a restaurant owner, a woman who has a big vision to help bring change, opportunities, and hope to those impacted by the pandemic.

Sometimes it just takes an idea and a pure passion to want to help people and from that, so many wonderful things can happen.

Good can come from bad and we’ve seen it before.

Angela Middleton is making a remarkable effort, doing what she can to try to make things better.

“I wasn’t really thinking about myself. I was thinking about other people,” says Middleton.

She is the owner of Saucey Crab. There are two locations. One at 11 Mile and Lahser in Southfield. and a newer spot at 8 Mile and Lahser in Detroit. Angela knows how real the struggle is because she’s also living it.

“Every day is not good for me. But I have faith and I pray and I know everything is going to be okay. It’s more difficult for people who are trying to start a business. It’s more difficult for them because they’re starting from the bottom. Or if you wanted to open a business, a lot of their dreams have failed. But to have this event maybe that would pump them up a little more and say, you know I can do this. Because it’s out here. Everything is opening up now and it will give them an opportunity to give them some things they want. It will build their faith back. It will build their confidence,” says Middleton with hope.

A lot of people have given up. Businesses have closed. It’s been extremely bad for everyone. So, Angela decided to host an extravaganza called The Ultimate Eat, Shop, and Greet!

It will be held at the Corner Ballpark in Detroit. Everyone is welcome and admission is free!

It is scheduled for March 28th.

“I felt if I just held a pop-up event that would give so many people a chance for exposure to present their product. Food, clothes, candles, anything. And I thought this event would help us all. It’s bringing a lot of people together so they have make a profit. It’s going to be a lot of vendors, a lot of mentors, and a lot of knowledge in the house. We have to help each other. We help each other, we can make it! We can make it!” says Middleton with joy.

This is going to be a big event and the tables are going fast. If you want to get involved, don’t hesitate!

You can reach Angela Middleton at 313-217-1448.
Instagram: @sauceycrab
Facebook: Saucey Crab (Southfield and Detroit)

Event Location:
March 28th from Noon-8pm
The Corner Ballpark
1680 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48216

What Angela is going is major and it can really make difference. It will give so many people hope and reassurance that they are not in this alone.

So, everyone please come show your support!