Still waiting for your Stimulus Check? We have helpful tips to find your money

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Posted at 6:15 PM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 20:47:51-04

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — “I haven’t gotten it yet and I’ve talked to so many other people that haven’t gotten it,” said Monroe resident Ken Webb.

Webb reached out to 7 Action News after he didn’t receive his stimulus check.

“There’s people that need it for rent and food every day,” said Webb.

Webb, along with countless others are still waiting.

“Quite a few people didn’t get their stimulus and there's a lot of reasons why that might happen. Maybe the IRS doesn’t have a record of their bank account,” said Carol Wright a Certified Public Accountant from Rehmann.

Wright says go directly to

“The IRS is just not answering any phone calls about this,” said Wright.

As more issues have popped up, The IRS has been updating their web site to fix the roadblocks.

They’ve added a get my payment tab to track the status of your payment. There’s also an information center with frequently asked questions and answers.

Wright’s son and his wife had problems- no payment status when they logged in.

“A couple days ago, they couldn’t find it. Today it was there,” said Wright.

"So, it’s getting better,” said Wright.

If you’re on Social Security or you make less that the amount that you must file a return, then there is a tab for you to get information.

For people that did their taxes through an online site like Turbo Tax and got an early refund from the company, that caused a backup because the IRS didn’t have the correct bank information. The IRS is fixing that too.

“If you’re one of those that hasn’t, I would say, not so much be patient, but don’t be alarmed,” said Wright.

If your bank account isn’t registered on the IRS web site, the paper check will come but it may be awhile. They started rolling out last week and will be staggered delivery for the next several months.


  • Everyone with a SS# is entitled to stimulus
  • Go to : check the status of your stimulus check
  • Be patient- you will get your stimulus payment

The most important bit of help- if you don’t have a computer-ask a friend or family member to assist you so you can make sure you can check your details on web site.

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