Birminghan hockey team getting lesson on life in hosting charity game

Posted: 4:28 PM, Jan 08, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-08 17:57:53-05

BIRMINGHAM (WXYZ) — There’s no greater rallying cry for a community than high school athletics. The Birmingham Unified hockey team brings two high schools onto the same sheet of ice and while they’re having great success on it, it’s what they’re doing off of it this weekend during a game that’s truly special.

“If you start getting into the community now, the earlier the better, and if you start getting these experiences right now and you get to realize what it means to the community and what it means to the people it can really kickstart something young and you can carry it on into the future,” senior William Sanders said.

Throughout this week, the captains of the Kings are visiting Birmingham public safe personnel to invite their them and their families to their game against Marysville on Saturday night. Free entry, concessions and a chance at some Red Wings tickets in a game that’ll be played in their honor.

“It’s just a small token from us to say thank you and to come out and watch a really good hockey team play,” first year head coach Mike Boback said.

“I don’t think they get enough recognition, I think this is a great event that we can put all the recognition to them,” senior Daniel Zalesin added.

And that’s the point. Understanding at a young age that helping others is the way to go through life, is the lesson that first year head coach Mike Boback wants to make sure hits home.

“It means everything, it means that they’re growing up, it means that they’re realizing that there’s more to this than just playing a hockey game. You’re representing your community, getting involved in your community and that’s the things you carry on through your life,” Boback said.

The puck drops Saturday at 8:30 at the Birmingham Ice Arena and of course, all are welcome.