Coach Baker leading new wave in Southfield Christian basketball dynasty

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jan 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-11 16:50:18-05

The Southfield Christian basketball players have a lot of nice things to say about their coach.

"He pushes us all to our limits. He makes it fun," says senior point guard Caleb Hunter.

"I really enjoy Coach Baker. He pushes us hard and that’s why we win," says senior shooting guard Bryce Washington.

He's right about one thing, Coach Baker's approach definitely amounts to wins. This is Josh Baker’s seventh season as head coach of the Southfield Christian Eagles. In his first three years, he won three state championships.

"If we can get our guys to give 100% every possession, every quarter, every game…then usually we do ok," says Baker.

He admits starting his tenure here with three straight titles, makes it difficult to reach higher year after year.

"It’s new guys, and so it’s new goals for them, and they haven’t necessarily achieved what the previous guys have achieved. And then you want them ready for college too, and so some our kids are starting to get a lot of looks from colleges and so it’s fun to see their success and so that’s where you’re kind of pushing with each individual player," says Baker.

Obviously Bakerknows how to garner success on the basketball court, but his players say there’s a lot more to it than just what goes on during games and practices

"He’s strong. He’s strong guy and he really has his values and I don’t know how he does it but…it works," says Washington/.

Baker teaches classes at Southfield Christian, then hits the gym for practice, then goes home to his wife and five children; all of whom are under the age of seven. Washington says seeing Baker’s commitment deepens his own. 

"We have a lot of homework, so if Coach Baker can handle five kids at home and all of us, I think we can do all as well," Washington says.

Baker says he's just doing his best at school, in the gym and at home with his family.. "The goal is that whatever you're doing, you do it well."

The goal for this one is a pretty obvious one: the same one they have every year.

"To win a state championship. Bring another banner."