Dan Campbell without Aaron Glenn is like wandering around 'without wearing pants'

Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn
Posted at 3:05 PM, May 26, 2022

It's the start of a new season in Allen Park for the Detroit Lions and with that, plenty of new faces take the field. But along with the newcomers, there are some returning players and coaches. One of those being defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn.

During the offseason, Aaron Glenn interviewed for positions outside of the Lions, specifically for the head coaching vacancy with the New Orleans Saints. Before the Lions third OTA session, head coach Dan Campbell said he was worried Glenn would get the job and leave his position with the Lions.

"I thought he was going to be gone, and I was going to be happy as hell for him," said Campbell. "But the thought of losing him, I just had this feeling of like I was going to be walking around without any pants on. So, I would say not having A.G. – there is a comfort level. I think that pretty much says it all.”

The room laughed at yet another Dan Campbell analogy. Someone else who thought it was funny was Aaron Glenn. Glenn followed Campbell with press conferences with media members and was honored, in weird way, by the comments of his head coach.

"We want to make sure he keeps his pants on," Glenn laughed. "He's one of my closest friends. We'll have some conversations about that, but we'll be sure he keeps his pants on. That's good to hear though, not the pants part, but that he's excited for me to be back."

Campbell said that Glenn is more than qualified to accept a head coaching job in the NFL.

"I have a tremendous amount of trust and confidence in A.G., I just do. He is more than worthy of being a head coach, he’s more than qualified of being a head coach in this league and I’m happy to have him and we’re lucky to have him, we’re fortunate to have him, as our defensive coordinator," said Campbell. "But yeah, I’m glad he’s back."

While Glenn did interview, he made his commitment to Detroit clear, raving about his position and those above him.

"I think I have the best job in the world. I am working for an outstanding head coach. I am working for an outstanding owner, outstanding president. I want to be the best coordinator that Detroit has ever had."