Dearborn community rallying behind Saleh's success

Posted at 6:03 PM, Jan 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-29 18:03:26-05

DEARBORN (WXYZ) — David Saleh has been in constant contact with his little brother over the past two weeks. As Robert prepares for the biggest game of his life, David is trying to keep it light.

“I got to remind him that I was the first coach to win a championship,” David Saleh said.

Which championship was that?

“Just little league football,” David added.

All jokes aside, the pride that’s pouring out of the Dearborn community for Robert’s success is astounding.

“To see somebody come out of this community and achieve the type of success they have and to really carry the entire community and put it on this type of platform, it’s phenomenal, it’s just unbelievable,” David added.

“It’s truly a blessing to see someone from our community, who played for us and went to school here and just assessed the way he has,” Dearborn Fordson head football coach Fouad Zaban said.

Robert made a stop at his alma mater during the summer, preaching hard work, patience, and trust. Ideals that have proven to get him to where he’s gotten, all the while maintaining his roots right here in Dearborn.

“He’s just the same guy, he’s the same Dearborn Fordson guy, nothing’s changed, he’s got the same friends, same demeanor, acts the same way, it was just surreal to see his name across the tv and then talk about it. It was just an awesome moment, from being a GA and MSU, to the biggest stage of his profession, it’s remarkable,” childhood friend Brian Mosallam added.