Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate talks about stopping to help accident victims

Posted at 5:26 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 18:22:22-04

It happened on Tuesday, Golden Tate’s off day. He was driving into the Detroit Lions Practice Facility in Allen Park to work out around 8:15 in the morning.  

Suddenly he had to slam on his brakes. 

“I ended up being in the car right before the car that hit the person, and I was like no one is stopping to help these people,” said Golden Tate, Lions Wide Receiver. 

It happened on the Southfield Freeway near 7 Mile. The accident involving two vehicles looked horrific. 

“The car was completely ruined. I mean if they didn’t have seatbelts on, it would have been bad,” said Tate.  “I helped them turn the car off and grabbed the little girl out of the back seat like she was my daughter.”

Tate is a relatively new dad. His daughter Londyn is about 10-months-old.  

He says he checked on the little girl in the car like he would want someone to check on Londyn.  She was okay but terrified.  He held her and spoke to her for a while. 

“I said you had your seatbelt on, right? She was like yeah. I said see it might have saved your life. You are such a smart young lady to do that,” recalls Tate. 

The accident hit home for Tate.  As a father it reminds him to be grateful that everyone is safe and sound today, knowing life has the potential to change in an instant.

“As a man, I feel like my job is to protect my family, and I feel like right now, more than ever, you really can’t.” 

Tate says texting while driving may have played a part in the accident. He says he hopes this serves as a reminder not to text and drive