Full selection order for 2022 NFL Draft

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Posted at 10:18 PM, Apr 18, 2022
and last updated 2023-04-25 20:27:45-04

Selection order as of April 18, 2022

* denotes picks involved in trades that are conditional

First Round
1. Jacksonville Jaguars
2. Detroit Lions
3. Houston Texans
4. New York Jets
5. New York Giants
6. Carolina Panthers
7. New York Giants (from Chicago Bears)
8. Atlanta Falcons
9. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos)
10. New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks)
11. Washington Commanders
12. Minnesota Vikings
13. Houston Texans (from Cleveland Browns)
14. Baltimore Ravens
15. Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami Dolphins)
16. New Orleans Saints (from Indianapolis Colts through Philadelphia Eagles)
17. Los Angeles Chargers
18. Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans Saints)
19. New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia Eagles)
20. Pittsburgh Steelers
21. New England Patriots
22. Green Bay Packers (from Las Vegas Raiders)
23. Arizona Cardinals
24. Dallas Cowboys
25. Buffalo Bills
26. Tennessee Titans
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
28. Green Bay Packers
29. Kansas City Chiefs (from San Francisco 49ers through Miami Dolphins)
30. Kansas City Chiefs
31. Cincinnati Bengals
32. Detroit Lions (from Los Angeles Rams)

Second Round
33. Jacksonville Jaguars
34. Detroit Lions
35. New York Jets
36. New York Giants
37. Houston Texans
38. New York Jets (from Carolina Panthers)
39. Chicago Bears
40. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos)
41. Seattle Seahawks
42. Indianapolis Colts (from Washington Commanders)
43. Atlanta Falcons
44. Cleveland Browns
45. Baltimore Ravens
46. Minnesota Vikings
47. Washington Commanders (from Indianapolis Colts)
48. Chicago Bears (from Los Angeles Chargers)
49. New Orleans Saints
50. Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami Dolphins)
51. Philadelphia Eagles
52. Pittsburgh Steelers
53. Green Bay Packers (from Las Vegas Raiders)
54. New England Patriots
55. Arizona Cardinals
56. Dallas Cowboys
57. Buffalo Bills
58. Atlanta Falcons (from Tennessee Titans)
59. Green Bay Packers
60. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
61. San Francisco 49ers
62. Kansas City Chiefs
63. Cincinnati Bengals
64. Denver Broncos (from Los Angeles Rams)

Third Round
65. Jacksonville Jaguars
66. Detroit Lions
67. New York Giants
68. Houston Texans
69. New York Jets
70. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Carolina Panthers)
71. Chicago Bears
72. Seattle Seahawks
73. Indianapolis Colts (from Washington Commanders)
74. Atlanta Falcons
75. Denver Broncos
76. Baltimore Ravens
77. Minnesota Vikings
78. Cleveland Browns
79. Los Angeles Chargers
80. Houston Texans (from New Orleans Saints)
81. New York Giants (from Miami Dolphins)
82. Atlanta Falcons (from Indianapolis Colts)
83. Philadelphia Eagles
84. Pittsburgh Steelers
85. New England Patriots
86. Las Vegas Raiders
87. Arizona Cardinals
88. Dallas Cowboys
89. Buffalo Bills
90. Tennessee Titans
91. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
92. Green Bay Packers
93. San Francisco 49ers
94. Kansas City Chiefs
95. Cincinnati Bengals
96. Denver Broncos (from Los Angeles Rams)
97. Detroit Lions (compensatory selection)
98. New Orleans Saints (compensatory selection)
99. Cleveland Browns (special compensatory selection)
100. Baltimore Ravens (special compensatory selection)
101. Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans Saints; special compensatory selection)
102. Miami Dolphins (from San Francisco 49ers; special compensatory selection)
103. Kansas City Chiefs (special compensatory selection)
104. Los Angeles Rams (special compensatory selection)
105. San Francisco 49ers (special compensatory selection)

Fourth Round
106. Jacksonville Jaguars
107. Houston Texans (from Detroit Lions through Cleveland Browns)
108. Houston Texans
109. Seattle Seahawks (from New York Jets)
110. Baltimore Ravens (from New York Giants)
111. New York Jets (from Carolina Panthers)
112. New York Giants (from Chicago Bears)
113. Washington Commanders
114. Atlanta Falcons
115. Denver Broncos
116. Denver Broncos (from Seattle Seahawks)
117. New York Jets (from Minnesota Vikings)
118. Cleveland Browns
119. Baltimore Ravens
120. New Orleans Saints
121. Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami Dolphins)
122. Indianapolis Colts
123. Los Angeles Chargers
124. Philadelphia Eagles
125. Miami Dolphins (from Pittsburgh Steelers)
126. Las Vegas Raiders
127. New England Patriots
128. Baltimore Ravens (from Arizona Cardinals)
129. Dallas Cowboys
130. Buffalo Bills
131. Tennessee Titans
132. Green Bay Packers
133. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
134. San Francisco 49ers
135. Kansas City Chiefs
136. Cincinnati Bengals
137. Carolina Panthers (from Los Angeles Rams through Houston Texans)
138. Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory selection)
139. Baltimore Ravens (compensatory selection)
140. Green Bay Packers (compensatory selection)
141. Baltimore Ravens (compensatory selection)
142. Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)
143. Tennessee Titans (compensatory selection)

Fifth Round
144. Carolina Panthers (from Jacksonville Jaguars)
145. Seattle Seahawks (from Detroit Lions through Denver Broncos)
146. New York Jets
147. New York Giants
148. Chicago Bears (from Houston Texans)
149. Carolina Panthers
150. Chicago Bears
151. Atlanta Falcons
152. Denver Broncos
153. Seattle Seahawks
154. Philadelphia Eagles (from Washington Commanders)
155. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns)
156. Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore Ravens)
157. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Minnesota Vikings)
158. New England Patriots (from Miami Dolphins)
159. Indianapolis Colts
160. Los Angeles Chargers
161. New Orleans Saints
162. Philadelphia Eagles
163. New York Jets (from Pittsburgh Steelers)
164. Las Vegas Raiders (from New England Patriots)
165. Las Vegas Raiders
166. Philadelphia Eagles (from Arizona Cardinals)
167. Dallas Cowboys
168. Buffalo Bills
169. Tennessee Titans
170. New England Patriots (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
171. Green Bay Packers
172. San Francisco 49ers
173. New York Giants (from Kansas City Chiefs through Baltimore Ravens)
174. Cincinnati Bengals
175. Los Angeles Rams
176. Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)
177. Detroit Lions (compensatory selection)
178. Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)
179. Indianapolis Colts (compensatory selection)

Sixth Round
180. Jacksonville Jaguars
181. Detroit Lions
182. New York Giants
183. Houston Texans
184. Minnesota Vikings (from New York Jets)
185. Buffalo Bills (from Carolina Panthers)*
186. Chicago Bears
187. San Francisco 49ers (from Denver Broncos)
188. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Seattle Seahawks)
189. Washington Commanders
190. Atlanta Falcons
191. Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore Ravens through Kansas City Chiefs)*
192. Minnesota Vikings
193. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns)
194. New Orleans Saints (from Indianapolis Colts through Philadelphia Eagles)
195. Los Angeles Chargers
196. Baltimore Ravens (from Miami Dolphins)
197. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Philadelphia Eagles)
198. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Pittsburgh Steelers)
199. Carolina Panthers (from Las Vegas Raiders)
200. New England Patriots
201. Arizona Cardinals
202. Cleveland Browns (from Dallas Cowboys)
203. Buffalo Bills
204. Tennessee Titans
205. Houston Texans (from Green Bay Packers)
206. Denver Broncos (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers through New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles)
207. Houston Texans (from San Francisco 49ers through New York Jets)
208. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Kansas City Chiefs)*
209. Cincinnati Bengals
210. New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams)
211. Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)
212. Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)
213. Atlanta Falcons (compensatory selection)
214. Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)
215. Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)
216. Indianapolis Colts (compensatory selection)
217. Detroit Lions (compensatory selection)
218. Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)
219. Tennessee Titans (compensatory selection)
220. San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)
221. San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)

Seventh Round
222. Jacksonville Jaguars
223. Cleveland Browns (from Detroit Lions)
224. Miami Dolphins (from Houston Texans through New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens)
225. Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Jets)
226. Cincinnati Bengals (from New York Giants)
227. Las Vegas Raiders (from Carolina Panthers)
228. Green Bay Packers (from Chicago Bears through Houston Texans)
229. Seattle Seahawks
230. Washington Commanders
231. Buffalo Bills (from Atlanta Falcons)
232. Denver Broncos
233. Kansas City Chiefs (from Minnesota Vikings)
234. Detroit Lions (from Cleveland Browns)
235. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Baltimore Ravens)
236. Los Angeles Chargers
237. Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans Saints)
238. Los Angeles Rams (from Miami Dolphins)
239. Indianapolis Colts
240. Washington Commanders (from Philadelphia Eagles through Indianapolis Colts)
241. Pittsburgh Steelers
242. Carolina Panthers (from New England Patriots through Miami Dolphins)
243. Kansas City Chiefs (from Las Vegas Raiders through New England Patriots)
244. Arizona Cardinals
245. Houston Texans (from Dallas Cowboys)
246. Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo Bills)
247. Miami Dolphins (from Tennessee Titans)
248. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
249. Green Bay Packers
250. Minnesota Vikings (from San Francisco 49ers through Denver Broncos)
251. Kansas City Chiefs
252. Cincinnati Bengals
253. Los Angeles Rams
254. Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)
255. Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)
256. Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)
257. Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)
258. Green Bay Packers (compensatory selection)
259. Kansas City Chiefs (compensatory selection)
260. Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)
261. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (compensatory selection)
262. San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)