Herrington's legacy grows as wins record set

Posted at 1:40 PM, Oct 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-16 00:04:31-04

FARMINGTON HILLS (WXYZ) -- The dictionary defines the word ‘legend’ as a “non-historical or unverified story handed down by tradition and is popularly accepted as historical.”


It’s got another meaning though, “a collection of stories about an admirable person,” Farmington Hills Harrison head coach John Herrington can be filed under both.


We’ve been telling stories of Herrington’s legacy for decades, each broadcaster admiring his success.


Most state titles and now, most wins ever. He won his 431st game in his illustrious career on Friday night.


And like any legendary tale, it wasn’t something that had been foreseen back in 1970, his first year at Harrison, as the first coach of the program.


“I didn’t know if I’d last after three years! We were having some problems so Coach Sutter came with me and we never looked back,” Herrington recalled.


Coaches can be impactful. Life altering even. Herrington has sent a handful of kids to the NFL, hundreds to college, and almost all to productive professional lives, and those I spoke to remember their time with him, and how it influences them even today.


Herrington has one more season to add to his wins but the number he’s now focused on is 14, one more state championship can get him him there.