Jim Harbaugh on Barack and Michelle Obama becoming honorary Michigan captains: "It'll happen"

Harbaugh on Obama as U-M captain: "It'll happen"
Harbaugh on Obama as U-M captain: "It'll happen"
Posted at 6:39 PM, Sep 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-14 13:49:59-04

In the offseason, Jim Harbaugh said he planned to officially ask President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama to visit Ann Arbor and serve as honorary captains for the Michigan football team.

Harbaugh told WXYZ's Brad Galli he made that request.

"The president and the first lady both were as gracious as they could be. They worked very hard to try to come. They're not going to be able to unfortunately make it this year," he said.

Harbaugh and the Obamas have crossed paths on numerous occasions. In June, he visited Washington, D.C. to speak on behalf of the Legal Services Corporation. He visited with President Obama then, and has worked with Michelle Obama on education initiatives over the years.

Michigan's head coach said the Obamas left the door open for a visit down the line.

"Possibly in the future. President Obama will be back on campus in December," Harbaugh added.

He then paused before offering his confidence in his request becoming a reality.

"It'll happen. It'll happen someday, I believe," he said.

Harbaugh said the Obamas diligently tried to make the visit fit into their schedules this season, and when he thought about the potential of the pregame talk from the couple, he smiled.

"Could be the best ever. Has potential to be the best ever."