Local aspiring pro golfer gets assist from Metro Detroit Golfers group

Donnie Trosper
Posted at 5:40 PM, Feb 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-21 23:37:42-05

WXYZ — Donnie Trosper has yet to appear in a PGA event, but the Michigan State alum from Canton is getting a boost as he navigates his way to the tour from the Metro Detroit Golfers group along with Hall Financial.

“We’re about helping people with their goals, whether it be saving money on a refinance or purchasing a home, so here’s a kid going for his goals and seeing he’s in the early stages and needs some help, it just seemed like a perfect fit,” Hall Financial President/CEO David Hall said.

Trosper is currently training in Florida, cutting this teeth in qualifiers as to get a shot to play on tour, and Hall Financial is supporting him through a sponsorship to aid with the cost of doing so. The popular Metro Detroit Golfers group is constantly checking in with Trosper, and for a humble kid chasing his dream, he hasn’t realized that he already has a massive fan base made up of golfers from Michigan.

“I never really think about how many people are supporting me back home and everything until recently and it definitely helps, it for sure gives me more purpose to keep going,” aspiring professional golfer Donnie Trosper said.

While the road ahead for Trosper is filled with challenges, he knows he isn’t alone in this journey, and for someone who is a chasing a dream, that support can make all the difference.

“Young people who have big aspirations need help, there’s no doubt about it, when I was young I got help from people to get my career moving along and so for us to do that for other people, it’s gratifying for us and being on journeys with people is really what life is all about,” Hall added.

“I for sure will always have a special place in my heart for the community, just trying to keep going forward and plow through all the obstacles,” Trosper said.