MAC Championship game signs extension at Ford Field, helps draw other events to the city

Posted at 5:55 PM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 17:55:13-05

Anyone who is a fan of MACtion knows that the championship of the conference is decided in Detroit every year.

Since 2004, the title game has called Ford Field it's home, and that's going to continue until at least 2021.

On Friday, the Mid-American Conference in conjunction with the Detroit Lions extended the contract to host the game here each year.

"Given what's going on in Detroit and the continued reemergence of the city, it's a wonderful place to be," MAC Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher said.

Ford Field underwent plenty of renovations to update the building to continue it's stance as one of the nicer stadiums in the country, that hopes to host other marquee events in the future, namely the NFL Draft.

"The unique nature of Ford Field as a potential venue, I don't know if there's another venue in the country that a young man could have played his high school championships here, maybe played their college championships here, maybe a bowl game, and may have gotten drafted here, so there's a great synergy high school football, college football and pro football and we're thrilled to have the MAC back here," Lions president Rod Wood added.

The MAC championship is played between Akron and Toledo at noon on December 2nd.