Macomb native Sean Murphy-Bunting living Super Bowl dream with Buccaneers

Sean Murphy-Bunting Buccaneers Packers Football
Posted at 6:30 PM, Feb 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-04 18:30:06-05

(WXYZ) -- Central Michigan and Chippewa Valley graduate Sean Murphy-Bunting is living the dream.

The second-round pick has recorded three interceptions this postseason and has been a central figure in Tampa Bay's run to the Super Bowl. And as the game approaches, he’s getting plenty of support from people back at home.

“I had a guy message me on Twitter and he sent me a picture of us in elementary school together on a field trip, I was like dude that’s sweet,” Murphy-Bunting said.

That’s not the only person he’s hearing from. Another Michigan connection has been in his ear for this past year as well, as Tom Brady has taken notice of the skill that Murphy-Bunting brings to practice against him each day.

Imagine that, the greatest quarterback of all-time recognizes your skill. That’s the dream the Sean is avoiding waking up from.

“I’m still a football fan, just because I play in the NFL doesn’t mean that I’m not still living the, ‘That’s Tom Brady, that’s Mike Evans!’
I’m just really blessed and really thankful for the situation that I’m in,” Murphy-Bunting added.

Sean has already made some massive plays early in his NFL career, but this game hits different. We’ve seen how one play can change this game’s outcome, and that isn’t lost on him.

“I’m always envisioning myself making big plays, that’s just the nature of me, I’m always trying to live up to the hype, to the moment,” Murphy-Bunting said.