Michigan DT Mo Hurst is self-declared 'Best Uber driver in Ann Arbor'

Posted at 9:27 PM, Oct 18, 2017

Maurice Hurst is a monster on the field.

Michigan boasts the best defense in the country, statistically topping the nation with the least yards allowed per game this season. Hurst has 29 tackles, anchoring the defensive line.

In his downtime, the 22-year-old has a hobby to let off steam. 

Hurst makes money as an Uber driver in Ann Arbor. And he's pretty good, too. Just ask him.

"I'm the best Uber driver in Ann Arbor," Hurst told Brad Galli on the 'Inside Michigan Football' radio show this week.

When Galli asked him his rating on the app, Hurst didn't shy away from his pride -- or disdain for one rider.

"It's 4.9 (because) I don't know who gave me a four-star," Hurst added. "I have 82 five-star ratings. I get a few compliments."

He's been recognized a few times, too.

"I do it sometimes just to clear my head or just to enjoy a ride, and talk to someone I don't know," Hurst said.

During Hurst's time at Michigan, he almost had a famous rider. His own coach, Jim Harbaugh, was late to the radio show, and when he saw a tweet from Detroit News writer Angelique Chengelis, Hurst jokingly offered him a ride.

"Coach Harbaugh was running late, and I asked him if he needed an Uber to the show," Hurst said, laughing.

Did Harbaugh take him up on the offer?

"No, he didn't. It might be a violation. I honestly don't know," he added.