Report: Former Lions LB DeAndre Levy files injury grievance against team

(WXYZ) - Former Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy has filed an injury grievance with the franchise, according to ESPN.

Levy had two surgeries on his knee last season, causing him to miss the majority of the season.

Now -- after being released by the team in March -- Levy says he's still not healthy. He told ESPN "I figured there was something wrong because they passed me on a physical when I couldn't even sit down to a chair or get into a linebacker stance at the time. In my mind, I didn't think about the legal contract part of it. I thought, this is f---ed up. I can't get into position; how can I pass a physical? I didn't know it was a physical the first time."

Levy told ESPN that he's still physically unable to play football, and struggles to even get up and down stairs. He also said he wouldn't put his well-being in the hands of NFL doctors in the future.

ESPN reports that Levy says the grievance is filed and waiting to be processed. The Lions had no comment for ESPN on this story.

Injury grievances are a relatively normal occurrence in the NFL.


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