Super Bowl LIII concession prices to remain low in Atlanta

Posted at 9:35 AM, Jan 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-22 10:54:53-05

ATLANTA (WXYZ) — The Atlanta Falcons introduced lower-than-average concession prices when they moved to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and with Super Bowl LIII at the stadium in a couple weeks, they will be keeping the prices down.

According to Vaughn McClure from ESPN, fans will pay just $2 for hot dogs and $5 for beers inside the stadium. According to the Atlanta Falcons President & CEO Rich McKay, the stadium will keep its fan-first menu pricing.

A graphic obtained by ESPN from the Falcons shows prices will be:

  • $2 for Coca-Cola refillable cup, hot dog, Dasani water bottle, pretzel and popcorn
  • $3 for nachos with cheese, waffle prices or a pizza slicer
  • $4 for a souvenier refillabel cup
  • $5 for Bud Light draft beer or a cheeseburger
  • $6 for chicken tender basket with fries

ESPN reports that the pricing is $4 cheaper than the Super Bowl at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis last year.

"We said this in our negotiations with the SEC, the college football championship, the Super Bowl, and the Final Four ... what we basically said is every customer that comes through that door is our customer,'' McKay told ESPN. "So we want to treat all those customers the same and give them the same experience in food and beverage.