Taylor Decker uses social media to find first TD ball he threw into stands

Posted: 2:53 PM, Dec 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-03 19:53:57Z

Detroit Lions offensive lineman Taylor Decker scored his first-ever touchdown on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, and in celebration, he chucked the ball into the stands.

After the game, Decker made a plea saying he'd like the ball back, and then took to Twitter asking people to direct message him if they had any information on the ball.

"To whoever caught/has the ball I threw into the stands. I've played football since first grade, and that was my first ever touchdown. I'd love to have that ball, and would be more than happy to hook you up if you'd be willing. #defendtheden #bigmantouchdown," Decker tweeted.

Just after 10 a.m., Decker tweeted that he found the person who had the ball and, "HE IS BEING GREAT ABOUT IT #socialmediastrikesagain."

We'll be sure to keep you updated if there are any more tweets and a reunion.