The WXYZ staff shares their favorite Tigers memories ahead of Opening Day

Posted at 7:28 PM, Apr 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-08 05:46:45-04

(WXYZ) — Ahead of Opening Day, we talked to the WXYZ staff to see what their favorite Tigers memories were. Check them out below!

Carolyn Clifford

I remember growing up in Detroit and as a little girl, the youngest of 9, I remember going to only one Tigers game with three of my five brothers who all played baseball! I remember a big white Tiger Stadium and climbing a gazillion stairs to get a hotdog and bag of peanuts. It was quite the treat! Then years later as an anchor here at 7, I was invited to Comerica Park to help announce the postgame show. My son James and nephew Tyler were with me. The two of them were little league baseball players and they got to come into the Tiger’s booth, see fireworks and a car giveaway. The stadium was stunning and to see the transformation of Detroit up close was even better. I love my city, I love my Tigers and the best is yet to come. Let’s Go Tigers!!

Alicia Smith

I’ll never forget bringing two of my nieces to see the Tigers. It was their first visit to Comerica Park. They had a blast watching the game, eating hotdogs, and going on the Fly Ball Ferris Wheel (action shot here). This might have made an impression. Both of them are now elite pitchers on fast-pitch softball teams! ⚾️

Jeanna Trotman

There are a lot!!! One of them…I lived in Boston when the Tigers were playing the Red Sox in the playoffs. There were a few other Michigan natives in my graduate program so we all found the cheapest tickets we could get and went to the game. We wandered our way to some standing room above the Green Monster and we watched the Tigers win the American League Championship Series opener 1-0. No offense to any Boston fans that are reading this…but that was the most ruthless I have ever seen a fanbase act and it felt GOOD to win and it felt good to be from the D!

Heather Catallo

My favorite Tigers memory is the year our Brad Galli had some of the players in the station and they were going around interviewing us, and they all realized Opening Day was on my birthday! So, Andrew Romine and JaCoby Jones asked our news director to give me the day off for the game. I got to attend with my two best friends, and we had the best time (and best birthday!). AND we had a Detroit Police Mounted Patrol escort to the game!