VIDEO: Andre Drummond thought Little Caesars Arena would be 'more welcoming' to Pistons

Posted at 10:05 PM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 22:05:58-04

Andre Drummond has visited Little Caesars Arena at various times throughout the stadium's construction.

Now that it's open for business, he's surprised by the look of it.



Drummond tweeted about the lack of Pistons stuff in the arena on Sunday, looking for answers as to why the team's new home looks more like a hockey arena.

At Pistons media day on Monday, he doubled down on his inquiry.

“I went down there a few times and I just felt like there’s a lot of hockey stuff. I’m like, 'Damn.' I mean, I understand we’re sharing this arena, but throw a little (Pistons stuff) somewhere,” he said.

The Red Wings, of course, led the way with the construction of Little Caesars Arena. The Pistons joined the process late, and as of the arena's grand opening, the basketball locker room was still being built.

"That’s obviously not my place to say that. I was speaking off emotions of me just being down there and seeing that. If I was coming to a new home, I felt like it’d be more welcoming, in my opinion, but maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong angle because everything is not done yet," Drummond continued.

Hockey memorabilia, decorations, and history certainly outweigh the odes to basketball inside Little Caesars Arena, but the franchises have boasted a versatile technology that promises to transform the arena on game nights.

"If you walk into the arena, and the ice is down, yeah, it looks like a hockey arena," Stan Van Gundy joked. The Pistons head coach praised the new facility, adding, "I think it's great."