West Michigan native can't wait to hear name called in NFL Draft

Caleb Murphy played at Ferris State
Caleb Murphy
Posted at 11:37 AM, Apr 23, 2023

BIG RAPIDS, Mich. — "An opportunity is all that matters. I just want the opportunity to show myself and show what I've been working on and be as great as I have been," said Caleb Murphy.

When the 2023 NFL draft kicks off next week in Kansas City, Ferris State defensive end and Dowagiac native Caleb Murphy will be waiting for the call.

West Michigan native can't wait to hear name called in NFL Draft

"For me to have my name called is just what I've worked for. Waiting for that moment and just knowing it's going to happen because I just have a really strong feeling about it. So knowing it's going to happen feels really good," said Murphy.

The Cliff Harris award winner and two time national champion has spent the last four years with the Bulldogs and says he wouldn't have made it this far without FSU.

"I think playing here just shows you how gritty you have to be. We don't have much and you just have to have the love for football. So I think my love for football is there and I think I'm going to do fine and I will excel wherever I'm at," said Murphy.

After coming back from the national title game, Caleb has been training at Ferris and in Florida to prep for the draft. Supported by his family, he's happy for whatever happens next week.

"I think I've prepared myself well. My mom, my family, my agent, just the family I have has surrounded myself with positive energy. I'm excited going in. I know that I've put myself in a great situation so I'm excited to see what's to come," said Murphy.

His mom, Tamantha, has been by his side the whole time but this road to the draft hasn't been easy.

"It's hard. It's hard to get to watch the world judge your kiddo, right? So we've just been sitting back and taking it all in. But we're beaming with pride. I'm so proud of him for all his achievements. He worked hard and he made a way for himself and he's doing just good with that," said Tamantha.

According to Caleb, he and his agent are prepping to get that call between rounds three and six. It will be a moment filled with happiness but also knowing the work isn't over yet.

"It's going to be joy. Like he said, since he's been a little boy this is what he's wanted to do so for him to reach his dreams, I'll be overcome with joy for him," said Tamatha.

"The simple thing is just making it happen, and continuing to make it happen. So I'm excited about it. I'm used to this life so I'm excited for it," said Murphy.