WXYZ Senior Salute: Rochester Adams track members raise money for hospitals

Posted at 8:02 PM, Apr 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-12 00:06:16-04

ROCHESTER (WXYZ) — The Coronavirus has had an impact on all of us but the response to help has been a shining light during a difficult time.

Five Rochester Adams seniors fit perfectly into our ongoing ode to high school seniors.

A group of seniors at Rochester Adams high school were looking forward to their final season of track together, but since the Coronavirus has come and changed the way we live, these boys have changed the way they’re handling their disappointment.

“To be honest even if we had all those meets and walking out for graduation, I think something like this one that we would feel a lot more proud of because we feel like we’re making an impact,” Rochester Adams senior Rajiv Parimi said.

The boys already created a community outreach website, Sunshine Supply & Care, where they had been gathering school supplies and giving back to their community, but they’ve shifted their attention.

“What we basically wanted to do is raise funds for the caregivers taking care of the corona patients,” Rochester Adams senior Raayed Saeed said.

So they started a go fund me page, and asked the hospitals what they could do to help.

“When we reached out to the hospitals, they were the ones who decided to use it as a caregiver fund, because a lot of their employees were sick or at home, others are working 24 hour shifts and can’t go out to eat food or bring food to them,” Saeed added.

The fact that these boys are doing what they can is admirable, they know their impact won’t move mountains, but every little bit helps, as their efforts fit into the slogan we’ve all heard, we’re in this together.

”We wanted to get equipment to people but in our position at our age, we don’t have access to those things and we can’t leave the house so we thought the best way to help out would be to give financial support to places where they have the ability to use it,” Parimi said.

“In a time like now when we’re confined to our houses, just grasping at this opportunity to help people, it feels like the right thing to do,” Adams senior Andrew Martin said.

To donate to their cause, click here.