WXYZ Senior Salute: Roosevelt Yearbook Editor Lillian Settles

Posted at 7:39 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 20:12:32-04

The Roosevelt student newspaper team never expected to be having zoom meetings as they plotted out one of their final editions.

“Isabella Hurrell was supposed to be getting scouted for softball for college and because her not having a season she might not be able to play softball in college,” one Roosevelt student said during their Zoom Conference call.

They too understand that for many seniors, it’s unfairly over. Lillian Settles is also a senior, but as the editor of the paper, and yearbook, her work just began.

“I just wanted to make sure that as seniors they were getting what they waited for,” Lillian Settles said.

So she acted. On the day school was called off, she gathered seniors from all the spring sports to have them leave their mark on the wall, an area on campus where kids are allowed to spray paint messages.

“When Lillian has sent me pictures of what they had done with this, it made sense, it for our building, it’s what our school does to paint the wall and let those seniors leave that mark,” Roosevelt teacher Janet Haddad said.

What makes this even more memorable, is that these kids had no idea this would be their last visit to campus this year. These images of teamwork, pride, accomplishment will replace what might have been should there had been competition. And while the memories won’t be the same, at least they’re memories.

“She created this beautiful thing, it’s so amazing what she did and I think those seniors are going to be so excited to have that when they see the book,” Haddad added.

“This is a moment I’ll remember, I’ll remember the days I spent with them there taking pictures, I’ll remember talking to them about our senior year and things we’ll get and things we won’t get and so it’s something that will be apart of history and be apart of me for my entire life,” Settles said.