Warren police car has near head-on collision with driver who said he dozed off behind wheel

Posted at 10:12 PM, Mar 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-19 22:33:21-04

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) — Heart pounding dashcam video shows a near head-on collision between a Warren police officer and a driver officers say dozed off at the wheel.

The video, which was only obtained by 7 Action News, will make your jaw drop. A warren police car goes through an intersection and just seconds later is head to head with another vehicle coming straight towards him.

"It’s a miracle there wasn’t a head-on serious injury or fatality, and two lives would have been severely changed," said Warren Detective John Ghaewski. "We (were) seconds away from a head-on serious crash or fatality."

On March 18, two Warren police officers were traveling south on Hoover near Martin when another car suddenly swerved into their lane.

"The officer's alertness no doubt prevented this from being far more serious for both sides," Ghaewski said.

The officers swerved out of the way to avoid near disaster. The driver of the red Saturn, identified as Sheldon Pratt, later told officers he was wearing ear buds to try and stay awake.

"There was no malicious intend here," Ghaewski said. "The driver of the vehicle by no means intended to cause an accident or certainly hit a patrol car."

Officers say the car was seen swerving in and out of traffic and refusing to stop. The vehicle later got stuck in traffic at Hoover and 12 Mile Road. Police soon arrested the driver. This terrifying heart stopping video is a strong reminder to drivers that if you feel tired, don’t get behind the wheel.

"We all need to be alert when we’re driving," Ghaewski said. "You can be driving home from work, on the way to work, picking up the kids – you need to always pay attention to the road."

Pratt was arraigned and entered a not guilty plea and was given a $1,000 surety bond/10 percent.