New app Santa Spy Cam lets you spy on Santa and his elves

(WXYZ) - A new app is letting family spy on Santa and his friendly elves.

The free app, created by two Michigan entrepreneurs, is called Santa Spy Cam. 

It uses magic only found at the North Pole to help parents get video of St. Nick and his friendly elves when they visit your house.

Now, what's fun about the app is it captures these special moments when kids are asleep.

How does it work? Well, the Santa Spy Cam has a built in sensor that flips on in your own home when Santa or his elves are nearby .

It also allows you to share the video with family and friends after the main event. Processing can take some time, but be patient, it's worth it.

Now, don't worry, the creators of Santa Spy Cam have gotten permission from the big man himself to go ahead with their plan. Elves at Santa's Workshop even had a hand in the app's final stages of development.

The spy cam's website says Santa only allowed the app because the videos are short and never showed him placing the presents under the tree-which he wanted to keep private.

The app is available for iOS devices with an Android app in the works. 

One other rule: Only parents are allowed to download the Santa Spy Cam, because it's pretty tricky:

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