64-year-old Roseville man upset over having to move, shoots his son and himself

He told wife 'I will kill you too' before shooting himself
Posted at 6:50 PM, Oct 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-28 08:15:12-04

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) — Mike Langrill was running out of time to find another place to live. The 64-year-old Roseville man's wife has been disabled and she was about to move to Florida to live with their daughter while she sought orthopedic care there.

Kathy Langrill said her husband, a man she married when they were both 20-years-old, was distraught about having to move. Thursday evening, he threatened to harm himself.

Chris Langrill, the couple's 44-year-old son who had been living with them, went to try to calm his father down. But that's when Roseville police say Mike opened fire on his son.

Kathy said it sounded like five or six gunshots.

She was already on the phone with 911 when her husband came and stood in the doorway of her bedroom.

He said, "I will will you too," Kathy told 7 Action News.

Kathy said she was sitting in her wheelchair and closed her eyes because she knew her husband was capable of carrying out his threat to take her life.

"He always has a temper towards immediate family members," she said. "His moods were terrible but he wouldn't get any help."

Mike fired his gun one more time. Police said he turned his gun on himself.

When EMS arrived, Mike and Chris were rushed to the hospital where Mike was later pronounced dead from a gunshot wound.

Chris remains in critical condition at McLaren Hospital in Mount Clemens where Kathy has been by his bedside. Kathy says one of three or four bullets took off two of her son's fingers. Another bullet went through his neck and she says it's too soon to know if Chris will be left paralyzed.

Kathy said her husband was not going to Florida with her because he didn't want to leave work.