Buyer beware: Not all home windows are the same

Posted at 4:29 PM, Mar 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 16:31:35-05

Whether you’re looking to sell or simply improve your home, windows are a big part of your home's value. Both you and other people in your home will immediately notice if the windows aren’t up to snuff.

For example, a creaky window that's difficult to open is a negative, as well as old or broken windows that look bad both from outdoor and indoor views. Most importantly, if your windows are old or have problems, they decrease your home's ability to maintain efficient air conditioning and heating.

Quality windows are obviously important to homeowners, but what's less obvious is what types of windows you should have installed. Replacement windows come in many shapes and sizes, as well as levels of quality.

Here are some traits to look for as you make your decision:


Cookie-cutter windows that come from a warehouse stockpile will limit your options and the quality of windows that are delivered. Find a window dealer that manufactures their own windows and is able to custom-build each one to the precise measurements of your home. Ordering straight from a window factory also makes it easier to fix or replace a window if something ever breaks.

Advanced design

Not all windows are created equal, particularly when it comes to advancements in climate-control technology. Many homeowners choose to replace their old windows with energy-efficient models. The U.S. Department of Energy offers information that can help, and you may open yourself to potential tax deductions and home insurance discounts as a result. Several new technologies that maintain a home’s interior temperature are just one essential trait to look for in quality windows.




As with any company or service provider, it’s best to choose a window supplier you can count on, or one with an established reputation of good customer service. Find a window provider that offers a warranty or multi-decade guarantee, so you’ll have the reassurance its products are durable. It also helps if the company has been in the industry for several decades, so it knows local needs and common challenges. Experience is always a plus.


Most of the time you get what you pay for, but there’s no need to pay extra costs if you can avoid them. The majority of energy savings you’ll gain with new windows will come from the glass itself, not from the material used for a window’s frame. Vinyl window frames will generally cost less than those made from wood or fiberglass. You can also save money by purchasing through window suppliers that have access to their own manufacturing facilities and are able to offer lower product prices because they have no intermediary to pay.


Along with durability and quality of a window product, look for a supplier that offers custom designs and plenty of window types to choose from. Each home and lifestyle is different, calling for a variety of window types and installations. Wallside Windows has its own factory to create custom windows for your specific needs and preferences. Since 1944, Wallside Windows has offered custom products with a 35-year guarantee, so contact Wallside Windows for a free estimate on replacement windows today.

Wallside Windows can help you save money on your heating bills with new, energy-efficient windows. Fill out your information below if you’d like to learn more.