Donations from family in Taylor helping police K9 units in honor of daughter who passed away

Posted at 7:26 PM, Nov 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-06 19:35:34-05

TAYLOR (WXYZ) — Lori Miller and her family love German Shepherds and always owned the breed that is also widely used in police work. So when Lori passed away, her family wanted to do something in her honor.

The Millers are from Taylor and they began calling police departments to find out if they needed police dogs and if they could help them purchase them.

A dozen cash-strapped jurisdictions, including some downriver police agencies, welcomed the help. But there were no press conferences and big announcements. The Millers just wanted to quietly help police officers and their K9 partners keep neighborhood streets safe while also helping keep the dogs safe.

So, the family also purchased bulletproof vests for the police dogs, first aid bags and stretchers made to carry an injured or sick police dog.

"They didn't want any recognition," said Deputy Chief Archie Hamilton of the Wyandotte Police Department. "These are things these agencies wouldn't have if it wasn't for people like the Millers."

Wyandotte's current K9, Ice, is partnered with Det. Ken Groat. But Ice is getting up in age for a police dog and he's expected to retire soon.

Next to join their team, thanks to the Millers, will be Jax who is still in training. His partner will be Officer Jonathan Cox.