Salvation Army Radiothon helping fight hunger and homelessness in Detroit

Your donation helps fight hunger and homelessness
Posted at 7:24 AM, Feb 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 05:42:35-05

The Salvation Army Radiothon does so much good to help fight hunger and homelessness in the Detroit area. This year,  a lot of people will be pitching in to donate to the cause, and you can too. Check out the Salvation Army website for more information on the Radiothon.

The 30th annual Bed & Bread club Radiothon takes place today from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. at the Emagine Theater located at 200 N. Main Street in Royal Oak. Members of the WXYZ news team will be on hand to help radio host Dick Purtan and his crew raise money to help people in need.

Organizers say: $10 a month (or $120 per year) is all it takes to make a real difference in the lives of  hungry and homeless people in the Detroit area.

The Salvation Army's Bed & Bread trucks, are basically mobile soup kitchens, serving Detroiters who would otherwise go without a meal.

The trucks run 365 days a year at designated Bed & Bread stops on three daily routes. While other Bed & Bread Programs do exist throughout the country.


The Salvation Army says every year, staff members and volunteers work with the  Bed & Bread program to serve 18,720 gallons of soup; 93,600 loaves of bread topped with 130,000 pounds of deli meat; 182,000 hot dogs; and 520,000 pieces of fruit and snacks.

Organizers say The Bed & Bread program serves more than 28,000 meals on the trucks in Detroit, as well as corps community centers throughout metro Detroit. That's nearly 1.5 million meals every year!
The program also provides shelter to 450 people every night. That's more than 164,000 nights of shelter in one year.

Staff and volunteers also frequently distribute coats, hats, mittens and blankets from the truck to help protect those in need from Michigan's frigid winters.

Volunteering is valuable. Every day that someone volunteers with the Bed & Bread program, it saves The Salvation Army enough money to serve three months of meals to one person.


If you would like to post on social media  about your experience with the program 
you can use #BedAndBread and tag @salmich (on Twitter), The Salvation Army Eastern Michigan Division (on Facebook) and @salmich1 (on Instagram) .