Summertime fun with "Mid-Winter Break," an original family-friendly musical

Farmington Players open family-friendly show
Summertime fun with "Mid-Winter Break," an original family-friendly musical
Posted at 1:15 PM, May 30, 2017
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The Farmington Players are about to open "Mid-Winter Break" just in time for the summer. It's bonus show added to the season, and it ones one weekend only, June 2-4, 2017. Tickets are available now at or at the box office: 248-553-2955. The show is written and directed by Farmington Players member Kandi Krumins.

As things heat up in the summer, let's cool things down and step back to March and meet Norman (Carter Krumins).  Being in the middle ALL the time has taken its toll on Norman.  Having a best friend (Noah Babala) that LOVES being in the middle makes things even worse.

Throughout a series of dreams, Norman and his classmates, teachers, and family take a fantastic journey to glimpse what life is like "on the other side of the fence."

Director/writer Kandi Krumins taught public middle school for most of her adult life, but took an early retirement to spend time with her own children and pursue some of her other passions, like writing.  Her own children were the reason she got back into theater, as they are both avid performers. Both were included in the original 2015 production (when in middle school) and are also in the 2017 production.

Here's what producers say about the show:

One of the many inspirations for writing the show involved Krumins taking a stand against material that is inappropriate for kids.  She noticed that most “kid” shows are adult-content shows just condensed down to “junior versions”, often in the wrong key for  maturing voices, and made to be childish.  The only alternative for talented kids is to play adult roles with adult content.  Sure, they have may have the acting and singing ability, but Kandi believes it’s wrong to send kids mixed messages of “act like this and talk this way in school or at home and you get in BIG trouble” with “act like this and talk like this on stage and you get a BIG applause”.  Her goal was to create a family friendly feel-good show for everyone.  We are reminded, “Had all you can take?  Just take a break!”, “They say the grass is always greener somewhere else, and it’s true, till you get there and step in that yard”, and particularly for young teenagers, “Let’s go through school, have so much fun we almost feel delirious; make memories, the best ones, ‘cuz we didn’t get too serious, and one day later we can fall in love.”

Norman has three hilarious dreams that include his family, teachers and classmates, where he explores what is like to be the oldest child, the youngest child, and then the “favored child”.  The plot takes some unexpected twists and turns, but in the end, Norman finds out that he is in control of his own destiny, and develops a new appreciation for “walking in his own shoes”.

Krumins says the nice thing about this show is that it is an entertaining feel-good show for the whole family. Many of the themes are universal and she believe they should strike a cord at some level with every audience member.

Krumins says the audience should expect to laugh, cry, and enjoy a variety of music and talent on stage. She says show is full length, so parents may not want to bring "little children."  Krumins says, "for everyone else it’s a great way to enjoy a couple of hours out of the house, and see a musical written by a local talent."

Reserved seats for Mid-Winter Break, are available now at or by calling the box office at 248-553-2955. You can also send an email to

Adults/Students/Seniors only $12ea


Friday,            June      2     -8pm

Saturday,        June      3     -8pm

Sunday,           June      4     -2pm


The Farmington Players Barn is located at 32332 W. 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills Michigan 48334. It’s the big white barn on the north side of 12 mile between Orchard Lake and Farmington Rd.


Carter Krumins: Norman                                         -Waterford

Madison Krumins: Juniper                                       -Waterford

Noah Babala: Auggie                                                 -Waterford

Lindsay Svacha: Waters                                            -Waterford

Forest Gabel; Ben/Ensemble                                   -Walled Lake

Jonathon Stecevic; Grandpa, Ensemble                   -Farmington Hills

Cooper Cummins: Ensemble                                    -Clarkston

Michelle Noble: Grinders/Ensemble                       -West Bloomfield

Katie Pettibone: Mom/Arianna                               -Waterford

Tom Arwady; Thurston                                            -Harrison Township

Aryn Hillman: Beth/Choir Teacher                         -Clarkston

Adriana Farrugia: Zoey                                            -Waterford

Alec Manoian: Ensemble                                          -Livonia

Abigail Kroll: Besty/Ensemble                                 -Waterford

Declan Shiner: Dad/Justin/Ensemble                     -Waterford

Jurze Egrez: Eve/Ensemble                                      -Waterford

                                                   PRODUCTION TEAM

Director: Kandi Krumins                                           - Waterford

Stage Manager: David Reinke                                   -Novi

Sound: Eric Nogas                                                     -Farmington

Lights: Caitlyn Simpson                                            -Commerce

Props: Dara Blaty                                                      -Farmington Hills

Running Crew: Jeff Graham                                      -Farmington Hills